Saturday, 19 November 2011

New specs.....

I haven't worn my glasses in years and got a little bit of a telling off during a recent opticians appointment for wearing my contact lenses all the time. :(

As the prescription was completely out of date I had to purchase a new pair of specs and decided if I was going to wear them more often I might as well pick something I like.

Having done a bit of research into the label of my glasses, I'm becoming more excited to own these. I am probably quite late to this. *blush*

Pretty glasses case.

Very expensive, but inspiring things were found on this web site, but I was more interested to learn the lady Lulu Guinness started her own business (she creates amazing handbags and accessories) from scratch in 1989 from the basement of her house in west London. She hasn't had any formal design training, her passion made her a success. And some of my favourite ladies have her handbags; Dita Von Teese and Helena Bonham Carter.

Taken from the Lulu Guinness website.
I love that my glasses aren't the standard rectangles you see everywhere. They have a nice shape and having discovered they are from such an amazing brand I will definitely be wearing them more and giving my peepers a rest from contact lenses. 

You can see the Lulu Guinness website here