Thursday, 15 March 2012



Life has become rather hectic as of late. I have started my new job and been feeling quite emotional about the ending of my previous job. And all the lovely people I have left behind. But change must be embraced and opportunities can't be missed.

Today is the first day of five that I have off. Even though I have done two shifts at my new job, it's nice to have a small break, to make some sort of closure from my last job and re-adjust accordingly. And todays weather was beautiful, a perfect start. 

I went for a walk with my beau, a slow walk as there was nothing to rush for. The best kind of walk. 

I took a photo of the large pond in the park, I am very pleased with the outcome.

I am newly inspired to take more photo's when the sun is out. This was taken at about half past two and I like the light. I don't know any technical terms, but I know light is softer in the morning and afternoon, and hard around noon. Its bright enough to silhouette the thistles but hazy on the other side of the pond. Maybe its just my camera. :)

And an obligatory photo of me. ;)

I haven't shrunk down or cropped either of these photo's because I want to keep all the detail.

I also managed to tie my hair back into a tiny pony tail for the first time in years. Its slowly getting longer. :)

Hope your are all well. Spring is finally beginning.