Saturday, 31 August 2013

Note book love.

My weakness like many other people I know is pretty stationary,  especially note books. 

Picked this up at Waterstones. *love*

 I love to write down ideas, thoughts and feelings. I like seeing my own handwriting, its more personal than typing. A good notebook has to provoke a certain feeling with the imagery used on the cover or how it feels in your hand. 

My most used notebook is quite nondescript on the outside.

Its cover is black and soft, its my radical self love bible full of life affirming and inspirational things. I found out about radical self love when I first discovered Gala Darling's website. Simply put, writing down awesome moments, ways of thinking and such gives you something up lifting on the less than brilliant days. I have a specific pencil case, with colourful pens, pretty tissue paper, and sparkles and stickers to decorate these pages.  My pencil case is also a reminder that I would like to travel. I keep an American quarter dollar that I found inside it too. 

Notebook love and kisses

Also check out my finished peacock butterfly drawing from my previous post, now on Instagram!