Saturday, 14 December 2013

Trying to make things happen and living a dream.

Hello lovelies, 

Its been so long and I have been so busy! 

As you can probably tell from the title I am on a mission to change my job circumstances. Mid October I started an Open University access module course, a short six month course to remember how to learn things again. My course is arts and languages, which I'm finding both challenging and fun. I hope to go onto a degree, if I pass this course. 

So that's reason one for my lack of blogging time.

The other main focus of my time lately has been starting up a Folksy shop. Yes, I have decided to start selling prints of my drawings and doing a few commissions for family, friends and fellow lovers of fluffy animals/ cute birds. 

Both of these things are so intertwined. I started the course through day dreaming about what it would be like to work in an art gallery. I created my shop because I'm so tired of just earning enough to scrape by and I wanted a positive focus that was work orientated (ie earn some money) but also creative and passionate. 

When I draw, I pretend to myself that I'm an 'artist'. And when I'm going through my course work I pretend to myself that I am smart. Both these things help me at work when annoying situations arise.

And its not just  the nitty gritty I've been enjoying, I have a Twitter account and Facebook page for my new endeavour which I love to update with arty inspirational stuff.

I'd love to use this time to introduce my Folksy shop; Little Arty Doll Prints

If you have any interest in my creative side please like my page and follow me on twitter.  

Here is a photo of me being a sparkler face.....