Thursday, 8 September 2011


As mentioned I am a lover of body art and have four tattoo's so far. These are my cute goldfish on my wrist, two large pieces at the top of each arm and an unfinished peacock on my thigh. I love large tattoo's. Executed by a decent artist of course. I am so excited to get my peacock finished but it's going to take some time. You know your onto a winner when your tattooist is as excited as you are to do the piece. I am currently looking on Ebay to start decorating my house with more tattoo art, prints etc. 
I have been getting tattooed seriously for the last 18 months or so, I had my first one done at 18 and have had more added to it, to make the piece on my arm. I guess maybe that sounds like I've had a lot of coverage done in a short space of time, but I still don't see myself as particularly heavily tattooed. I don't have all that much art around my home, a few small Dali prints but that's about it. So i thought that I would change that, make my interior design reflect my tastes for tattoo art. Its quite an exciting project for me.