Saturday, 8 October 2011

New hair.....

My appointment at the hairdresser finally arrived this week. I love being at the hairdresser, just sitting there and being pampered. My hairdresser is lovely and doesn't force me to talk inanely about crap tele or some such. We chat a little, catch up and then I get to chill out.

I went for a change and had it all dyed dark brown. As dark brown as you can get without it being black. Black hair makes me look washed out and ill whereas this colour suits my complexion, I think.

I haven't had the whole of my hair dyed since I was in  my teens where I had very colourful hair. About six months ago I decided to get half of my hair dyed a lovely purple shade, which I loved and loved more every time I went back and the colour took to my hair more and more. 

I do love my hair being dark brown, it's so much better than my natural mousy shade but it is not entirely my own choice. It's not something I can really discuss through my blog, but it is a shame that it is like it is. I decided then and there I would dye my hair a more 'normal' shade, play the game and get what I need. I try to look at the bigger picture, I'm only 26, I have the rest of my life to dye my hair whatever colour I desire when I have worked my way to the top.

So here's my new hair.... hope you like...