Monday, 3 October 2011

What I'm wearing today....

Wearing the goodies I picked up the other day when I went shopping with my mum. Lots of polka dots.

The bandana is square shaped, which I didn't even realise when I brought it. Every time I saw a pretty scarf I went to see if it was square, but alas they are pretty rare on the high street.

I don't know if I have a tiny head but I end up with too much material after tying it at the top and end up wrapping it back under. Still, I don't mind how its turned out. It's all down to practice.

I also got the polka dot dress from a charity shop; its from Tesco for £5!! Hardly worn! It's a tiny bit big but nothing a belt won't sort out. 

And just the usual; 
Bow and Crossbones necklace
Rockalily 'Roulette Red' lipstick.
Leopard print ballet shoes.

I really like this dress but I can't quite decide what decade it is based on.... it kind of makes me think 60's, classic shift dress, I think. I wasn't entirely sure what to wear it with. I decided to just go for an overall polka dot theme!