Sunday, 2 October 2011

Tattoos in the news.... and a little bit of music

Since the London Tattoo Convention there have been a few newspaper articles covering it, from The Sun's article entitled 'Invasion of the body scratchers' (yes, I know!) to a good piece in The Guardian by one of their art writers. If you haven't already seen it, you can here

I read the piece through the internet and encountered, I guess, the main difference between newspapers on the net and in print. I saw The Sun's article in print at work, a colleague pointed it out and I looked at the photo's (as you do with The Sun) and that's about it. I read the whole of The Guardians article but stopped at the bottom, fearing to look at the comments. As I had originally discovered it on Total Tattoo Magazine Facebook page I saw that some people were braver than me and had seen the comments from The Guardian readers. They weren't exactly positive.

But, now another article has been published by Matt Lodder and entitled; Stamping out the persistent myths and misconceptions about tattoos. And do I love it..... you can see this article here

In other news, related to my world, I finally purchased Kill It Kid's album. I saw them at Lodestar, my first music festival, my first blog post. They were awesome live and their album rocks too.
Check out their video for my favourite song ; Pray on me. Enjoy.....


Ps Just learned to 'hyperlink', slowly getting over my computer illiteracy! :)