Saturday, 15 October 2011

This day....

Today has been strange, I woke up with a head full of fluff and a fixation of birds. More than usual, I mean.

I found some things I've been hunting for;


And made bracelets out of old necklaces;

I'm wearing my Spirited Away t-shirt as my mind is full of whimsy and taking photo's of some of my bird related possessions.....

The folder I've used as a background.
My diary
My favourite bird books.
The Observer's Book of Birds I found in a charity shop and its so little and cute I couldn't resist it. The illustrations inside are beautiful. The other book is special too as owls are my favourite birds (owl tattoo, twit twoo!)

Pretty feather hairband from Camden Market.

The last piece of bird stuff might seem a bit controversial to some, so if you are perhaps squeamish I would stop scrolling down......

Jemima, my crow skull necklace
Jemima is one of the most delicate pieces of jewellery I own. She was ethically resourced. You can see the website, I purchased her from here and a note from the store Facebook page about her resourcing here, just in case your getting worried. I may be morbid for wearing a skull, but when I do I like to wonder what it would be like to fly like a bird.

And then did some boring old chores, like ironing, which you don't want to hear about.