Wednesday, 26 October 2011

What I'm wearing today....

I brought a pair of trousers from Ebay which arrived in the post yesterday. Initially they were going to be work trousers but I don't think they are suitable. 

This is probably the first time I've been burned on eBay (guess I've been lucky up till now). The item description was inaccurate on certain elements but I can make it work (I think)!

So I'm wearing;

H&M t-shirt,
Jane Norman brown belt,
eBay trousers,
Kitten heel shoes,
Revlon lipstick in 'mauve it over'.

I had quite a nice day, brought some goodies in Boots to cheer me up had a grumpy moment and then a giggle moment, so I guess that is just life for you.

Thought I would also share the jewellery I am wearing today. I am having a koi day, the ring I brought also showed up in the post yesterday....

So keeping with this theme I also wore my ocean themed long necklace...

And the charm bracelet my beau brought me for my 21st....

Lots of jingly pretties.