Saturday, 5 November 2011

Being ill and Audrey.

During last Sunday night I became very sick, so much in fact that I ended up in A&E, on a drip. I am still feeling a bit under the weather and it has taken a few days to get my appetite back. But that's not entirely what I want to share with you. To make myself feel better, emotionally, I look even harder for the beauty in life.

I have a small obsession, like a lot of people, with Audrey Hepburn.
I also have a few books about her and a poster I love to look at from the film Funny Face (wheres she having her photo taken standing next to the train <3) as well as her films.

So I turned to a book that my mum got me for my last birthday; Audrey: An Intimate Collection by Bob Willoughby.

These photo's are beautiful. They have very few words, just enough to set the scene. I am lucky to have people around me, being supportive all week (as the are in life) but you have to do something yourself as well. This beautiful book has been a visual pick me up.

Photo taken from Classic Cinema Gold website.