Monday, 19 December 2011

Beauty products putting a smile on my face

I have a horrible cold at the moment, coupled with running around at work like an idiot, it has completely knocked me off my feet.

I hate winter so much, but I have a few things in my life that I thought I would share with you that are making me feel less yucky.

My poor face has not been enjoying the cold weather or the extreme changes in temperature. After doing a little research on line I treated myself to a night moisturiser and with my normal day moisturiser my face is not so dry. Once I get over this dreaded cold my face will be nice and soft.

The moisturiser in question is The Body Shop Vitamin E Night Cream. I think this is really good for dry skin, so I probably will stop using it when we get out of winter. It smells lovely, and is making a good job of cheering me up at the moment.

The second beauty product to cheer me up is an early Christmas present from my beau. My straighteners broke in early November and I have wanted a pair of these for so long.

 So far I am very impressed. They make my hair nice and sleek, rather than me putting up with being slightly frizzy since my straighteners broke. I really want to try a 1950's
 Marilyn type curl with them. It will have to be very loose and subtle as my hair is so short.

The third thing to cheer me up from my cold gloom and work related issues is looking at my engagement ring. I don't wear it if I am ill, but I am wearing it today. Silly, I know, but it brings a smile to my face, and I know that I am loved. And I am very lucky. No photo of actual ring, but heres a nice photo of me and Luke at the London Rollerderby the day before he proposed to me.