Sunday, 8 January 2012

Eye liner pencil vs liquid.... and a nail experiment too.


After buying the No.7 metallic eye pencil set in the sales, I thought this is the perfect time to try my winged eye liner with pencils instead of my trusty liquid eye liner.

I have been using black, but I also have shades called, silver, forest, black, sapphire and platinum.

I have found that I can apply my eye liner thinner with liquid and chunkier with pencil. I'm quite liking the chunky look at the moment. It has lasted all day, only fading a little, but not creeping up my eye lid, a major hate of mine concerning past eye liner pencils. The black is softer than most because it is metallic, more like a very dark grey.

I also had a go at a half moon manicure, a la Dita Von Teese, using the 'hole re enforcers' cut in half to stick on the bottom of my nails. I didn't paint my nails red, instead opted for a dark grey and several layers of top coat to save my poor nails from chipping at work.

So all in all, pretty pleased with my make up experiments. 

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