Monday, 6 February 2012

My week off work... the beginning.

Hello, I have had an very busy week off work and can't wait to share it with you. 

It started off a bit wobbly. As you know I took part in something at work which involved me going to head office (never been before) and spending the day with lots of strangers, including high up people!! Very nerve wrecking for shy little me and I got to say I was glad to be in the train home. I learnt a lot but getting a train at 6.30 am is exhausting. I am quite glad that it will only happen a few times a year!

So I have been a good blogger and organised the things I did last week into separate posts, which will be posted during this week. :D

First up, a 'well done' present to myself; a new ear piercing.

The one at the top.....
...called a forward helix piercing. I have been thinking about getting it done for a while, I think it balances nicely with my tragus and didn't hurt much at all. Not compared to the conch piercing I have in my other ear. ;)

A good start to my time off.