Sunday, 1 April 2012

Hello! Its been a while.....


It has been a while and I feel like I have lots to show and share with you, but I want to avoid a huge rambling post. :)

So I had to decide what to blog about first and thought I'd start with a couple of out fits that I am real happy about.

I wore this for a friends leaving meal, but had to try out it before, hence the straight hair.

I brought this Collectif skirt a couple of months ago, but had trouble squeezing into it, luckily it fits now and I hadn't got round to selling it off!

I brought this cute leopard print top from Next, a bargain at £12! It is very well made and so soft. It love this outfit and both the skirt and top can be dressed up or down into different out fits.

My next favourite out fit isn't really new as such, it is up dated with a few key items.

My rollerderby t-shirt, Bow and Crossbones necklace, Living Dead Souls skirt and black cardi, all updated (to my mind) by my little leopard print belt, new Rockalily lipstick in Vintage Vixen, curled hair and new bandana! Did I feel good in this out fit, hell yes! :)

I want to go into more detail on the awesomeness of this new bandana in another post along with other pretties to show you.

Now the sunshine is back, taking photo's is going to be a lot easier and I feel a renewed energy in blogging.

I am also having more work on my peacock tattoo this wednesday and will keep you posted on the progress.

Today I also made the brave decision cut Bettie Bangs into my hair. I'm going to be spending this week carrying around a pair of scissors, straightening it up and fixing the sides as it settles in. I cut about 3 inches to get the front up to fringe level, so I do feel like I did something brave! 
Huge thanks have to go out to Twitter peoples; Sera (The Agoraphobic Fashionista), Nadia (The Rockabilly Girl Next Door) and ReeRee Rockette (Alternatively Lovely). They gave me great advice on length and how to cut it (slowly does it!), assured me that I can make it suit my face and were generally awesome. They also have fantastic blogs, so check them out if you don't already.

I will devote a blog post to my new Bettie Bangs, fingers crossed, by the end of this week. And I'm very excited about it! :D