Thursday, 5 April 2012

Some pretties....


Over the last couple of weeks or so I have been very fortunate in both finding and receiving some super pretty things.

My Mum brought me a really cool book to congratulate me on getting the job that I wanted. 

I'm not a crafty person, so I can't 'review' this book, if I even knew how. I find it inspiring and it makes me want to buy a sewing machine and start travelling to bigger towns to hunt down pretty clothing. 
The customising is interesting and I really want to start by making accessories such as a patchwork scarf, clutch, cloth belts and alice bands!

I was also blessed to receive some lovely presents from the fantastic friends I made at my last job. Love them girls.

I have never brought myself any Soap and Glory products, only admired the pretty packaging. This is a cute set of two body sprays and a moisturising spray. I love them.

My Mum brought me the cute little leopard print belt, I am slowly building up my collection of all things leopard print.
The bracelet is from a very good friend of mine, the cute bird mirror also from a friend.

How lucky am I that people know my tastes and will spend the time and money on me. All of them are keepers and I am making sure I still see them, now that I don't work with them any more. You have to cherish the people who have a positive influence on your life. My 'rule' with friends is a friend should make you feel more than your best in their company. This is what I try my hardest to do for my friends and in turn I get the same.

I have managed to bag myself some goodies on line too.

My awesome leopard print sunnies and triple hair flower from Bow and Crossbows. The sunglasses were in the sale at 4.99 bargain!! I am still growing my hair flower collection, keeping the flowers small till my hair is longer and I can curl it better. I don't usually go for anything orange but as summer is hopefully on its way, I thought bright would be good!

And I have *finally* brought my first pre-folded rockabilly bandana!!

It is so easy to put on, I love it. It is from Dolly Cool, £6.50 which I think is great for something so well made. I will be investing in more for the summer, it was hard enough to pick just one out of the awesome designs. Love this rose and skull design

Watch this space!! :)