Monday, 9 September 2013

Its September already!! What I've done in 2013 so far.....

Hello lovelies!!

Can you believe its September already! This year is going so quick, it can be quite panic inducing! Writing a list is a good excercise in remembering the awesome times you've had so far. 

So heres mine, in no particular order......

*I skated in my first open door bout in April.
*I skated in my leagues first open door mixed scrim in July. First time skating with boys in a public setting!
*I applied for my Open University course in August. I am so excited to start this in October. 
*There were two seaside adventures with friends, Felixstowe and Holkam beach, both in July. I love the sound of the sea!

Me at Holkam beech

*I started going to the gym and making healthier choices in March. I feel stronger and happier about myself now.
*I've had two big social events so far with my roller derby crew in April and July.
*I finally got my tattoo for my Grandad.
*I discovered a new pretty reserve with my Mum and Luke called Needham Lake in July. There is nothing I like better than sitting under a tree.

It had geese and ducks and swans!

*I went to the Norwich Body Art Festival and got totally inspired in August.

*I went to so many bouts this year; Croydon, Cambridge, Norwich and  Southend.
*I went to my first big theme park; Thorpe Park in July. I discovered that I'm fine with roller coasters that go up and down (classic style) but throw me upside and spin me about and I will feel shaky and nauseous after. My favourite was the Tea Cups!

And last night I went to my first Milton Keynes mixed scrim! This is a monthly event that I will attend regularly. I did well, surprised myself on a few occasions and met some lovely roller derby folk. 

All in all I feel like I have done quite a bit this year and I want to continue to have adventures, try new things and generally have a blast living life!

I am away on holiday to Somerset now, so I will have ;lots of adventures and inspiring stuff to share with you when I get back. Perfect scenario will include sitting under a tree with in hearing distance of the sea!

I hope if you feel inclined to write a list of all this things you've done this year it makes you feel great too!