Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Some time spent in Somerset

Hello lovelies!!

We went away to Somerset for a few days last week and it was fun of fun. On the journey there we managed to make a detour and drove past Stone Henge. 

We stayed along the coast, at a small village called Brean. It has a beautiful sandy beach and is very picturesque.

My favourite parts of the holiday include;

* Standing on the beach in the pitch black and looking up at the stars.

* Curling up on a bench and eating some really good chips with Luke at Burnham on Sea.

* Travelling through Somerset, I have never seen such a beautiful landscape. So very different from my native Suffolk.

* Glastonbury, the friendly inhabitants, the cute shops full of pretty things, the constant smell of incense and trekking up the tor.  

* Spotting the locations used in the film Hot Fuzz which was filmed in Wells.

* The beautiful sound of the sea.

* Amusement in the arcades.

* Partaking as much as possible in silly drinking games.

I learnt a lot while away, about my self and other people and I would love to visit that area of Somerset again. It has really inspired me to invite more adventuring into my life, both in Britain and abroad. 
Unfortunately there are very few photos from this holiday, the camera on my phone has the tiniest of smudges right in the middle of the lense, rendering it useless. I do how ever have a photo of myself and Luke at the top of the Glastonbury Tor. 

Do you feel like you need more adventure in your life? Once you start thinking about it, it can be quite infectious. 

I saw this on one of my favourite blogs; Veronica Varlow's Danger Diary, which I think sums up what I feel completely;

'I decided to go live the story. Rather than think of the story.'