Thursday, 19 September 2013

Love for autumn.

Hello lovelies,

Summer was fun this year and I got to do lots of awesome things, but I must confess, autumn is my favourite season.

Part of my autumn themed tattoo.

The air has suddenly become chillier, there are a few red and golden leaves on the ground and I'm digging out more woolens to keep warm. Officially, it's not autumn for a few more days but I think it has already arrived and I want to celebrate that.

Its the small things that I do to celebrate the shift in seasons, and for this one I like nothing better than curling up in blankets on the sofa, more bubble bath's, complete with candles and relaxing music, more candles in general, appreciating the change in the light as the nights draw in, drinking more tea and hot chocolate, using darker shades in make up again, gloves and scarves, and excitement for Bonfire Night.

For me life becomes more about rituals again and taking time in them.

Happy autumn, lovelies