Saturday, 24 September 2011

Unfinished ink; Peacock.

It seems appropriate with the London Tattoo Convention happening this weekend to write a post about my last tattoo.

It is a peacock, down my right thigh. I've been asked if I have a real love for peacocks and I'm probably more in love with other birds, but I knew a peacock would make a beautiful tattoo and fit my leg well.

So far I only have a small amount coloured.....

Even though I know what colours she will continue with, I still can't quite imagine what it will look like when its finished. But there's an exciting thing about that.

There are also flowers interwoven in the design.....

I'm both super excited and nervous about this exact spot! Behind my knee.... I know it will look amazing with colour etc, but the outline and healing were very sore. A very sensitive place, I think!

The inspiration behind this is the Art Deco artist Mucha. My tattooist came up with this, she has a huge book full of his work, which I loved looking through. I have seen a few tattoos inspired by or replicated from his work, but nothing like this. I had only given her a picture from the internet (a vague starting point for style and colours), but I am lucky that she knows what I like. 

I'm really hoping to get a little bit done before the end of the year, fingers crossed!!