Monday, 2 January 2012

New Years Eve outfit!

Happy New Year from 'Tattoos and Heart Shaped Sunglasses'.

I am a little late with this compared to everyone else but here's what I wore....

I felt very fabulous, got my hair just so and wore my Vivien of Holloway pencil skirt.

The necklace is also from there.

Although you can't see them I am wearing a pair of What Katie Did 'Retro' seamed stocking. The fanciest pair of stocking I own!

The top is from a couple of years ago and I am very pleased to have found it as going into shops that morning proved very depressing. Is there any particular reason why I can not get a nice smart blouse any where in my town? Does everything really have to be casual? Unfortunately I do not have the answers, but it will be a while before I bother with any of the clothes shops in my area again.

I did how ever find the cutest pair of high heeled leopard print shoesies! And in the strangest of places. Marks and Spencers! Why are they're clothes aimed at casual (can't be asked) older types when there shoes are quite young? Oh well, I'm very glad I found them and spent the evening breaking them in. I can't walk in anything over an inch for love nor money, so it was a bit of a gamble, but I think they will be okay.
Super cute, no?

My evening was spent at home with my beau and friends having drinks and playing board games. After mid night we watched a Jackie Chan film called New Police Story.

It was a good evening with good company.

I hope 2012 is already giving you what you wished for.
Make it a good one.


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