Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Happy Valentines Day.


I wanted to wish those celebrating today, have a good one.

Heres me last saturday going to work in my heart top. :)

Wearing my Collectif top,
Rockalily 'Roulette Red' lipstick

and my work clothes, hehe.

I actually love my work trousers, an eBay find, they're high waisted and smart.

I curled my hair, its slowly getting long enough to do different things with. Every new inch makes me feel more glamorous.

I am quite tempted to buy some pretty hair clips and like...... I have some money saved on my Boots card so its looking like quite a good idea. A little treat for myself.

For me and my beau its not a massive day. We buy cards and get little presents, but with his birthday being end of January and our anniversary next month, its just not a big deal. We treat each other all year round and there are more important calendar dates.

This is the thing about Valentines day, you can choose not to make it about 'relationship status'. So many pretty things come out for this day (and end up in the sale the day after) so treat yourself. 

 I hope not to alienate anyone by talking about my 'relationship status'. My point, I suppose is that you could use this day to shower yourself with treats, make a pact to be kinder to yourself if sometimes you are your own worst critic. 
Don't fall into the easy 'I'm single and therefore hate this day', if you are judged on being in or out of a relationship, that persons opinion is void. Because that is no ones defining quality.

Look what I made for you.....