Thursday, 23 February 2012

Small update... and unfinished ink.


Well I haven't technically dropped off the planet, just been having a very busy week or two. For those of you who follow me on Twitter you'll know I had an interview last night, which I have been preparing for ages. And I got a call today and was invited back for a second interview next week, which I'm so excited about, I can't begin to explain.....

Anyway tomorrow I am finally getting some more work done on my peacock tattoo. I started it last year, possibly September, so long ago I can't really remember. I am so excited to see my lovely tattooist and get some more work done.

So what better time to write you a small post on how I prepare my body for getting a tattoo.
You have to remember that any tattoo or piercing is stressful on your body. Your body will react after a short time in its own way, releasing chemicals to numb the pain, so to speak. But don't just rely on that. 
I usually try to have appointments in the afternoon. That way I can eat a huge plate of pasta before I go to my appointment. Nothing too rich, nice and bland to line my stomach and stop me feeling faint when the pain hits. Because it does hit you after a while. It all depends on your personal pain threshold, but tattoos hurt. But its worth it. :)

Tomorrows appointment is in the morning. 10.30 to be precise and eating a plate of pasta would just make me feel sick. I've had morning appointments before, but the outline for my peacock hurt more than my arms, so I feel I need to prepare more. Especially if she goes near my knee again. :) I also have to point out, it is a 2 hour session, which is about my limit.

I went to Twitter to ask if there was any tips I could pick up and a lovely lady who I've spoken to about tattoos before said to eat a sausage sandwich, chocolate croissant and hot drink. This feels like pretty sound advice although I will be trading the sausage for bacon. (If your on Twitter; follow this lady, she's real nice.)

So my day will begin with bacon sandwiches and savoury croissant and a cup of tea. I'm off to bed early to get a good nights sleep and currently drinking a lot of water, because water is good for you, right. :)
I'll take a bottle of water with me to the tattooist and will sip the whole thing through out the appointment. I'll also take my favourite flavours of Chupa Chups lollies (cherry flavour and apple flavour, just so you know) because having a little hit of sugar always helps. 

And by the end I will be tired and slightly hyper. I always am, its just how I react to prolonged pain, I guess. I'll probably go home and have a small nap!

I need to point out for anyone reading this who doesn't know a lot about tattoos a few don'ts.
Don't drink alcohol before you get tattooed, even the night before. Alcohol thins your blood and so you'll bleed more, possibly faint and make a tit out of yourself. And the tattooist may draw on your face in felt tip if you faint in their studio. Also don't take paracetamol as that also thins your blood.

I suppose my do's would be research and talk to people who are tattooed to get an idea of the best studio for your piece. Keep your idea for a while, don't be rash with large pieces on easy to see places. You don't want to regret it. But some great things come from spontaneity, so its really your responsibility.

I love tattoos because I love the art, and I love how they make me feel having them on my body. I like seeing heavily tattooed people and I like seeing people who have small tattoos that mean the world to them.
And thats really what it boils down to, do what you love.   

So wish me good wishes for tomorrow, I may post a photo, depending on how swollen my leg is. :)


Ps anyone who wants to ask me any questions about getting tattooed, leave a comment, tweet me or email. x