Wednesday, 13 June 2012

A couple of pretties....

Hello lovelies!!

I was in town today and wandered into my local Accessorize. I am going out for a friends birthday meal tomorrow and what better way to up date an out fit by adding some new sparkles!

I like these hair clips for the bright floral design. As my hair is gradually getting longer I'm collecting clips and such for all the up do's and styles that I (fingers crossed) will be able to do. 

This necklace caught my eye for the obvious reason..... leopard print!! It's a little different for me, but trying different things is a good thing. :)

And lastly, a pair of leopard print sunnies. I had forgotten mine and the sun decided to show its face for the short time I was out the house (it is currently cloudy, and pretty much can't make up its mind what to do!) I absolutely hate squinting when the sun is in my eyes, it gives me a head ache. They are a nice shape and fit pretty well on my face. I may have to go back and purchase one of the pretty cases.

*        *        *

I also thought I'd give you a sneak peak of my yet unfinished creative space.

I brought a bunch of white chrysanthemum's and have spread them about the flat to work the magic that fresh flowers have. 

The smallest cuts went into a little milk jug my mum brought me a few years ago. 
I can't wait for them to bloom.

I also can't wait to finish decorating my special space, I have my peepers peeled for a pin board and a pretty desk lamp.