Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Making some space......

Hello everybody!!

Here's a quick hand up date plus some small intentions that I have for this blog in the near future.

I'm not in plaster any more (yesssss!!) but my little finger and ring finger are still strapped together and I am currently wearing a very fetching brown wrist brace 99% of the time. I can just about straighten all my fingers but making a fist is still proving to be quiet painful as my hand is still bruised. And my wrist is now very weak from under use. I tried writing with out my brace on and after a few sentences it ached so much.  :(

So I have spent the last couple of weeks trying to deal with this massive inconvenience, basically trying not to go out of my mind and make everyone around me miserable. 

I have had a lot of time to think.

I am going to start put a lot more of my creative side into this blog, post my drawings and such. This will probably start when I don't have to wear this silly wrist brace and can hold a pencil properly for more than two seconds. 

I still want to do out fit, make up, tattoos and rockabilly related posts but I have unfortunately come to the conclusion that when my pennies are sparse I don't need to be stressing about an original out fit etc for a blog post. :)  

Today I have made myself a little creative table in the spare room, a space I can draw in peace and quiet. I also want it to be a place where I can start some new hobbies. I recently dug out an aromatherapy book and want to get back into my meditation. I have a tendency to start a million and one projects all at once and then get immensely frustrated when I never complete them. So I'm going to do this all at a leisurely pace and then blog about it if I want to. I will take a photo of this precious space of mine as soon as its perfect. :)

I want to put more of myself into my blog.

I'd like to share some of my Instagram photo's with you.

I love this program, it makes my crummy photo's look so stylish!! Deciding what filters to use and how it can dramatically change your photo is filling a creative brain space while my hand is healing. I have taken to putting my photo's through another program before I upload them to Instagram, to play with different filters, make certain colours pop. 

Here's some I am quite proud of....

My King Fisher drawing. :)

If you would like to follow me on Instagram my username is TattooednHearts. :)

Hope you have sunshine in your life too.


PS will definitely be getting on with my 'Blogging for Dummies' book I got about half way through, many months ago!