Thursday, 28 June 2012

Why I wear make up.

Hey there lovelies,

This post is kind of in response to that Daily Mail article that I'm sure your all well aware of by now.

First of my little face with *gasp* no make up on....

Hell, where have my eye brows gone?!

Haha, not a particularly happy face as I love wearing make up. I have a young face, even when wearing make up people are often surprised by my age and I think going completely bare faced only makes me look younger.

And here's me some moments later with a made up face...

Balance is restored for me!!

I applaud any one who can go any where make up free. I'm just happier with a made up face.

I have read the Daily Mail article in question.

My response, I just don't care if you wear make up or not.

The arguments made in this article make no sense to me.

I will not write anything negative about the journalist who wrote the article. That gives me bad karma and I like to keep my little brain box full of happy thoughts.

I do how ever believe that wearing make up or not does not make any difference to being feminist.
When you start to impose guidelines like that with in any group of people you only serve to alienate said group of people.

Who knows what they thought the response would be from publishing such a strange article, but as long as it gets some kind of response the article has served its purpose.

I guess that's why my own "response" is quite vague. I don't want to bring any more readers to the article (that's why I haven't included a link, but I'm not stopping you from googling it) and yet I want to send my own small message about what I think of it.

Perhaps my vagueness is down to watching TV through the internet and there fore I haven't watched adverts in two years. I don't know what the latest craze is, I only hear about it from other bloggers or doing my own research. The only magazines I read are Total Tattoo and Vintage Life, no fad diets in there. I'm not subjugated to endless stream of negativity as much as I used to be.

I have got to the point where I will sit in on my lunch break and, heaven forbid I've forgotten to bring my own reading material will sit and listen to my breathing rather than pick up Take A Break and such. They just don't do it for me any more.

I sometimes forget there is a battle out there, companies telling you what you should look like to sell their products and people fighting for the freedom not have these harmful messages put out there.

I live in my own little bubble sometimes.

So I guess my only message is create your own little bubble too.

Control the amount of harmful things that enter your beautiful world. <3

I'm not saying don't fight for what is right, but don't let it ruin your day. That's what people like this journalist want.