Thursday, 23 August 2012

Hello lovelies,

I've been away for so long, but I have lots to share with you. :)

My hand is practically as good as new, I had my last physio appointment today and my lovely physio therapist was so pleased. I can now bend my knuckle 70 degrees!! I just need to keep up with my exercises and the aches and pains should slowly disappear.

I can draw again and feel more inspired to complete my drawing corner.

I had a lovely birthday, I was treated to a trip to the zoo with my Mum and fiance. I took a lot of photo's, which you can find on my Instagram.

I have recently joined my local roller derby team. This is super fun times as I've enjoyed going to bouts for the last couple of years (you can check out the post of my last outing here) and always wondered why a local league hasn't popped up.

And now it has, I've got my skates and skating gear......

And I'm loving the way exercise makes me feel, meeting new people and being more in touch with my body! After skating on these bad boys just twice I skated 16 laps in 5 minutes! I have been doing this for about a month and am completely addicted.

If all this is going over your head I suggest heading over to this website to get the low down.

Obligatory blurry skating photo. :)

So come join me on my twitter, for day to day musings, tumblr, where I re blog pretty, inspirational things from tattoos to Dita Von Teese looking fabulous, and my Instagram TATTOOEDNHEARTS which is where all my birthday zoo photo's are hiding.

I plan to do more blogging now, I feel the season's subtly changing and feel quite energised by it.