Tuesday, 2 October 2012


Hello lovelies,

October is here and I'm feeling good and inspired to start regularly blogging about things in my life that I love. 

So here goes.....

  • Roller derby
Taken with Instagram

I am getting fitter, eating better and being way more sociable with my derby girls and guys.

  • Tattoos; London Tattoo Convention 2012

My first big convention and I loved it. SO much awesome art work has left my inspired to start drawing again, how ever much my hand hurts.

  • Autumn
My favourite season, I love to layer cardis and thin jumpers again. Crunchy leaves and the way the air smells. Drinking more tea and snuggling under blankets in the evening!

These things have been keeping me smiling through stressful times. I hope they have made you smile too.