Wednesday, 10 October 2012


Hello lovelies,

Some things that have been putting a smile on my face. This exercise of being present to the smallest things in life has been working wonders on levelling out my moods.

  • Hot showers.....
..... utter bliss!! The warmer water has been soothing some of the tension I carry around with me and gives me a break from how stressful life has suddenly become. I am using more of my shower oils to protect my skin from the colder weather. My current favourite is The Body Shop's Morrocan Argan &Orange bath/shower oil.

It makes my skin even softer and I feel good about taking a little extra time for myself.

  • Green tea
Or more specifically some yummy green tea with echinacea and citrus flowers from Clipper. As mentioned Autumn increases my tea tea consumption and the last few days I feel like I am getting a cold Not only is this tea good for antioxidants, but echinacea is supposed to help prevent colds. My symptoms are persistent and exacerbated by stress etc but at least the tea is yummy.

  • Beautiful candles

A birthday present from my Mum, these are as much ornaments as they are candles. Pretty things to look at. Lighting candles and the scents that follow makes me feel cosy and relaxed. These smell faintly of vanilla, a bonus as my favourite candle is Vanilla Satin from Yankee Candles.

This weather makes me want to hibernate and it is quite a fight to resit it. 


PS; I hope you like the changes I have made to my blog, I decided that a brighter background of a photo I am proud of taking is makes me happier and therefore makes for a happier place to be.