Thursday, 1 November 2012

New shoes!!

Hello lovelies,

New shoesies!! Doesn't such things make you smile? After seeing this style on various blogs and Tumblr feeds, discovering them in Mr. Shoes felt like an opportunity not to be wasted.

Lovely leopard creepers!
I am having to wear two pairs of socks and plasters with them as my heels are small and sometimes shoes rub. I have found that Marks and Spenser shoes seem to fit my feet fine so buying these was a small risk when looking at my previous history! 

Luckily its the time of year when wearing two pairs of socks is not that unusual and I hope they wear in over the winter. I like wearing shoes I can walk comfortably in, hence I do not own any sky scraper stilettos  (I wish.... sigh) and the same goes for flat shoes.


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