Sunday, 4 November 2012

What to do while he's away?.....

Hello lovelies,

For the weekend my love will be in London for two nights. He is such a positive part of my life that I panic when he goes away for a few days. I could literally ignore the whole world and sit, watching my phone to hear that he is safe and happy. I would literally go to bed early out of boredom!

This time I want to use my time more productively. I don't want to be sad for the entire duration. 

So here is my list of things to do while I'm home alone. These are with thought to comfort, being productive, (but I'll leave out the dull tasks!) keeping busy and setting out time to relax.

A loves list, but with a more specific intention (and in no particular order).

Exercise routine and draw. 
The exercise is rather new to me having not done anything since PE at school. Now I'm a part of my local roller derby team, I want to be as fit as I can be and we brought a Kinect purely for the Your Shape 'game'. It often kicks my ass!! 
I have a little drawing project to complete, which I am enjoying very much so I want to spend time on that. (more details to follow on that when all is complete)

My beauty bag. 

When he worked late shifts I would always sit in bed, lots of candle light and good music (usually Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds) and enjoy removing my make up. It is a very relaxing routine.

Added to this will be my Tigger hot water bottle and lots of blankets. 

Tired face after a long shift.

Wear pretty things and do my hair and make up. 

It is quite tempting to roam around the flat in my dressing gown till I need to wear my work uniform. Feeling pretty isn't wasted just because someone isn't there too appreciate it.

I do not want to get to Monday and realise I have worn nothing but my uniform. Effort is required to pull this off, but that takes me nicely to the next on my list.....

Remember to leave the house.

I live very close to where I work and sometimes a week passes and I haven't gone into town once. Not once. Just back and forth, along the same route! He is very good at getting me out of the house when I don't want to, so make that some extra effort to do this. 

Catch up on some reading.
I started re reading this book ages ago but I haven't found the time to just sit and read. It is a story perfect for this time of year called 'The Night Circus'.  

Items of comfort.

Include candles, hot chocolate, blankets, and hot bubble baths. 
When my brain is having trouble switching off and enjoying these things, I will go to my dairy. I have written a dairy on and off my entire life and my current one was started over two years ago. I enjoy the therapy writing offers, I am careful to write the good as well as the bad.  

I think this is enough to cover two days. I want to be happy when he returns and tell him good things. I can be a little temperamental and having a plan of sorts will keep me in a calm and happy place.

Do you have a list of things in place for such an occurrence? I would love to hear anything inspirational you might want to share.